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Today Is The National Day Of Remembrance And Action On Violence Against Women

6 December 2012

George Stroumboulopoulous blog on the Rose Campaign 

Best personal safety apps for BlackBerry

6 July 2012

Sure your BlackBerry can help you connect with important contacts, but how can you use it when you really need help?


28 February 2012

U.K.’s Women’s Aid, YWCA Canada, Rwanda Women Network and India’s Breakthrough recognized for exemplary communications.


21 February 2012

Shameless Magazine reviews the Safety Siren app for Blackberry. 

YWCA Launches Safety Siren for Blackberry

15 January 2012

Good news for those of us feminists who haven’t made the switch to iPhones – YWCA Canada has now launched its Safety Siren app for Blackberry.


Revenge of the Feminerd: Feminism? There's an App for That

20 May 2011

Bitch Magazine article written by Jarrah Hodge and featuring the YWCA Canada Safety Siren iPhone App.

YWCA’s “Safety Siren” iPhone App Sends An S.O.S. Message For Help On A Sketchy Date

20 May 2011

Article from The Frisky written by Jessica Wakeman and profiling the YWCA Canada safety Siren iPhone App.

Canada will suffer without national childcare plan: report

7 March 2011

CTV News article regarding YWCA Canada's report: Educated, Employed and Equal: The Economic Prosperity Case for National Child Care.

Lack of child care costing Canada: report

6 March 2011

Toronto Star article written by Laurie Monsebraaten regarding YWCA Canada's report: Educated, Employed and Equal: The Economic Prosperity Case for National Child Care

Canadian economy threatened by lack of national childcare plan, group says

6 March 2011

Canadian Press article written by Paola Loriggio regarding YWCA Canada's report: Educated, Employed and Equal: The Economic Prosperity Case for National Child Care.


Long gun registry saves lives

22 August 2010

Letter to the Toronto Star regarding the importance of the long gun registry.

The Siren Call of the iPhone

25 May 2010

Toronto Star article written by Antonia Zerbisias regarding the YWCA Canada Safety Siren iPhone App.

Changes to ODSP just a start

2 May 2010

Letter to The Star RE: Bill 23’s proposed changes to the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)


The Globe and Mail

9 December 2009

Letter from Paulette Senior regarding Margaret Wente's Dec. 8th article regarding the Montreal Massacre.

5 December 2009

Description of the Rose Campaign with url included for

People Working to End Violence Against Women

4 December 2009

Full unanimous consent statement from the Honourable Laurel Broten encouraging MP's to wear the Rose Button.

3 December 2009

Post regarding the Rose Campaign with a link to

The Dominion

2 December 2009

Quote from Paulette taken from Rose press release.

Canadian Crossroads International

2 December 2009

Description of Rose Campaign and link to

Fiji Times

28 November 2009

YWCA Canada mentioned in article regarding YWCA's commitment to ending violence against women around the world.

No Apologies

26 November 2009

Status of Women Canada release regarding Rose Campaign published in full.

26 November 2009

Article outlining Rose Campaign inluding link to the YWCA Canada Facebook page.

Cornwall Seaway News

26 November 2009

Rose Campaign mentioned in article regarding Dec. 6.

Coalition for Gun Control

26 November 2009

Entire Nov. 25 press release posted.

26 November 2009

Mentioned Jack Layton speaking about the Rose Campaign in Parliament.


26 November 2009

Rose Campaign letter posted in full.

The Algoma News

25 November 2009

Press release posted.


25 November 2009

Rose Campaign featured on Nov/Dec Anti-Violence page with link to Rose Campaign section on