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Campus sexual violence policies need to put survivors first

December 5, 2016 by Siobhán Saravanamuttu, Graduate Research Intern at YWCA Canada and MA Political Science Student at York University

November 25th marked the International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls, and the first of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence. The Ontario government’s Bill 132, Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan, requires the province’s universities and colleges implement sexual violence response policies by January 1, 2017. The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) reports that one in five women experience sexual assault while attending a university or college. Young women...

460,000 and counting

460,000 and counting

May 5, 2015 by Ann Decter, Director of Advocacy and Public Policy, YWCA Canada

The Ontario government has recently gone activist on violence against women, and as far as this parent is concerned - that’s a good thing. In March, Premier Wynne announced It’s Never Okay, a new provincial action plan on sexual violence and harassment backed by a three-year, $41 million investment. Accompanying that was Who Will You Help? a bystander-motivating ad described as “edgy” that went viral. That’s worth repeating: An edgy government ad about stopping sexual assault...

In Disney’s world, only sexed-up females are relevant

In Disney’s world, only sexed-up females are relevant

May 23, 2013 by Beth Lyons, Associate Director, YWCA Moncton

Originally published in the Times & Transcript and on the YWCA Moncton website. Over the past few weeks, the Walt Disney Company has faced on online uproar over their makeover of Merida, the protagonist of the film Brave. The makeover was in preparation for Merida’s induction to the Magic Kingdom’s Princess Hall of Fame and involved sexualizing the youthful character by making her older, more polished, and giving her a classic come-hither countenance (that kind of looks like it’s...

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Celebrating the First International Day of the Girl

October 11, 2012 by Paulette Senior, CEO, YWCA Canada

Today, on the first International Day of the Girl YWCA Canada joins others in solidarity to promote and advance the equality of girls and young women locally, nationally and globally. It is the day set aside to recognize that the future peace, justice and prosperity of the world depends on the equality of girls and young women today no matter where they are in the world. It is the day declared by the United Nations to...

Working for Change: UN Commission on the Status of Women 2012

February 28, 2012 by Paulette Senior, CEO, YWCA Canada

Yesterday was our first full day here at the UN CSW 2012 in NYC and what a day it was! For the first time since I've been attending we have more Canadian delegates than ever before totalling eight from YWCA Canada. They include: National Board President Lynne Kent YWCA Toronto Board President Rosemary Moodie Megan Demers & Amber Niemeier, two amazing young women from the Board of YWCA Edmondon YWCA Hamilton CEO Denise Doyle and Director...

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