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YWCA head Maya Roy on the ‘necessary conversations’ to stop gendered violence

14 June 2017

Globe and Mail profile on YWCA Canada CEO, Maya Roy. 

Making the World Better One Pop-Up Store at a Time

25 February 2017

Juniper Park partnered with the YWCA on a pro-bono campaign in November 2016 taking aim at victim-blaming culture when it comes to sexual assault. The pop-up store, which was launched the same week as the International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women, focused on setting up a pseudo retail space aptly titled Blamé. 

Blamé: Putting the emphasis on victim blaming

23 January 2017

Blamé’s purpose was to raise awareness with visually shocking content that reveals a disturbing reality. The Dundas West pop-up shop used to bring the campaign to life, allowed for the YWCA staff and other campaign partners to bring in, educate and inform guests and passersby.


#NeverBlameTheVictim: How Fashion Line Fights Against Victim Blaming

6 December 2016

YWCA Canada started the campaign to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. They launched high fashion clothing brand called Blamé to draw public attention to the problem of sexism and victim blaming.

PSA Fashion Line Shines A Light On Victim Blaming

5 December 2016

All too often in our society, when a woman gets victimized we turn the blame game sword on them, saying they asked for it. Catcalled? Her dress was too short. Raped? She drank too much. Now, YWCA Canada has launched a Wear Blame campaign where troll comments are the names for the different items of clothing, all of which place the blame of sexual assault on women.

This New Fashion Line Is Actually A PSA Against Victim Blaming

30 November 2016

YWCA Canada uses fashion and real online troll comments to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.  

YWCA fashions a controversial clothing brand

28 November 2016

Juniper Park/TBWA helps set up shop for a fictitious label that calls out naysayers who put the blame on rape victims.

National housing strategy must reflect women's experiences

24 October 2016

Ottawa's national housing strategy must reflect women's lower incomes, longer lives and roles as mothers, report says.


Jobless Folks, Working Moms, and More Left Out of Canada's Budget

23 April 2015

Facing economic trouble ahead, Conservatives offer bouquet of tax breaks for the wealthy.


MiC’s Nice List: Best of 2014

19 December 2014

#NOTokay chosen as one of the best campaigns of 2014 by Media in Canada and Strategy Magazine. 

The Pixel Project Selection 2014

6 December 2014

16 Striking Anti-Violence Campaigns for the Cause to End Violence Against Women

City and Colour Releases New Charity Single

5 December 2014

The Canadian singer-songwriter has released a new single via Dine Alone, with proceeds going towards the YWCA of Canada's Rose Campaign to end violence against women. 

Treating Violence Against Women

4 December 2014

A startling new video campaign by YWCA Canada asks why we’re treating violence against women lightly in our popular culture.

This is #NOTokay

3 December 2014

YWCA calls out violent scenes in games, shows and music videos.

YWCA launches ad campaign on violence against women

3 December 2014

A new campaign by YWCA Canada called #NotOkay puts the focus on how violence against women is taken lightly in pop culture. CityNews reporter Pam Seatle looks at the stats behind the campaign.

Triple homicide underscores barriers to escaping domestic violence

3 December 2014

The YWCA launched the #NOTokay campaign in November to call attention to the issue of domestic abuse in Canada.

YWCA Canada Targets Violence Against Women in New Campaign

1 December 2014

Effort urges Canadians to speak out against women being objectified in the media

YWCA #NOTokay Campaign On Violence Against Women Is Tough To Watch

28 November 2014

A startling new video campaign by YWCA Canada asks why we're treating violence against women lightly in our popular culture.

Women to Watch: Paulette Senior – CEO of YWCA Canada

28 November 2014

In honor of #GivingTuesday and our partnership with the YWCA’s Rose Campaign we had a chat with Paulette Senior, the CEO of YWCA Canada who has made a career out of giving back. She is one of the most respected leaders in the industry for her dedication and commitment to advocacy for women and girls across Canada.

YWCA ads point to violence against women in pop culture

27 November 2014

A new advertising campaign from YWCA Canada points to the depictions of violence against women found in pop culture – music videos, video games and cartoons.

Speak Out, Because Violence Against Women is #NOTokay

25 November 2014

In honour of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, which kicks off today, and our National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women on December 6, YWCA Canada is urging all of us to call out things we see that are #NOTokay because they promote violence against women. - See more at:

Campaign by the YWCA Canada to bring awareness to the issue of violence against women: #NOTokay #PAScorrect

22 November 2014

Leading up to the 25th anniversary of the massacre at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, where 15 women were killed, the YWCA Canada is providing a social media tool that will allow people to take action, however small, on the issue of violence against women.

460,000 Sexual Assaults In Canada Every Year: YWCA Canada

30 October 2014

Following the sexual abuse allegations against former CBC employee Jian Ghomeshi, which now has eight women who allege assault or harassment from the former "Q" host, women's service organization YWCA Canada released this infographic on Tuesday, focusing on the legal aspect of violence against women.


Victims of Montreal massacre remembered

6 December 2013

The YWCA says violence against women is the world’s largest and most persistent human rights violation, with over 50 per cent of Canadian women experiencing an incident at some point in their lives.

Women's shelter shortage unacceptable

3 December 2013

One of the latest initiatives aimed at ending violence against women is being spearheaded by YWCA Canada, the largest national provider of shelter services for women and children fleeing violence.


Today Is The National Day Of Remembrance And Action On Violence Against Women

6 December 2012

George Stroumboulopoulous blog on the Rose Campaign 

Best personal safety apps for BlackBerry

6 July 2012

Sure your BlackBerry can help you connect with important contacts, but how can you use it when you really need help?


28 February 2012

U.K.’s Women’s Aid, YWCA Canada, Rwanda Women Network and India’s Breakthrough recognized for exemplary communications.


21 February 2012

Shameless Magazine reviews the Safety Siren app for Blackberry. 

YWCA Launches Safety Siren for Blackberry

15 January 2012

Good news for those of us feminists who haven’t made the switch to iPhones – YWCA Canada has now launched its Safety Siren app for Blackberry.


Revenge of the Feminerd: Feminism? There's an App for That

20 May 2011

Bitch Magazine article written by Jarrah Hodge and featuring the YWCA Canada Safety Siren iPhone App.

YWCA’s “Safety Siren” iPhone App Sends An S.O.S. Message For Help On A Sketchy Date

20 May 2011

Article from The Frisky written by Jessica Wakeman and profiling the YWCA Canada safety Siren iPhone App.

Canada will suffer without national childcare plan: report

7 March 2011

CTV News article regarding YWCA Canada's report: Educated, Employed and Equal: The Economic Prosperity Case for National Child Care.

Lack of child care costing Canada: report

6 March 2011

Toronto Star article written by Laurie Monsebraaten regarding YWCA Canada's report: Educated, Employed and Equal: The Economic Prosperity Case for National Child Care

Canadian economy threatened by lack of national childcare plan, group says

6 March 2011

Canadian Press article written by Paola Loriggio regarding YWCA Canada's report: Educated, Employed and Equal: The Economic Prosperity Case for National Child Care.


Long gun registry saves lives

22 August 2010

Letter to the Toronto Star regarding the importance of the long gun registry.

The Siren Call of the iPhone

25 May 2010

Toronto Star article written by Antonia Zerbisias regarding the YWCA Canada Safety Siren iPhone App.

Changes to ODSP just a start

2 May 2010

Letter to The Star RE: Bill 23’s proposed changes to the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)


The Globe and Mail

9 December 2009

Letter from Paulette Senior regarding Margaret Wente's Dec. 8th article regarding the Montreal Massacre.

5 December 2009

Description of the Rose Campaign with url included for

People Working to End Violence Against Women

4 December 2009

Full unanimous consent statement from the Honourable Laurel Broten encouraging MP's to wear the Rose Button.

3 December 2009

Post regarding the Rose Campaign with a link to

The Dominion

2 December 2009

Quote from Paulette taken from Rose press release.

Canadian Crossroads International

2 December 2009

Description of Rose Campaign and link to

Fiji Times

28 November 2009

YWCA Canada mentioned in article regarding YWCA's commitment to ending violence against women around the world.

No Apologies

26 November 2009

Status of Women Canada release regarding Rose Campaign published in full.

26 November 2009

Article outlining Rose Campaign inluding link to the YWCA Canada Facebook page.

Cornwall Seaway News

26 November 2009

Rose Campaign mentioned in article regarding Dec. 6.

Coalition for Gun Control

26 November 2009

Entire Nov. 25 press release posted.

26 November 2009

Mentioned Jack Layton speaking about the Rose Campaign in Parliament.


26 November 2009

Rose Campaign letter posted in full.

The Algoma News

25 November 2009

Press release posted.


25 November 2009

Rose Campaign featured on Nov/Dec Anti-Violence page with link to Rose Campaign section on