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Action Alerts

Take Action on Violence Against Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit People

Thanks to the ongoing work of activists, the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous women has been initiated. Stand in solidarity with families of missing and murdered Indigenous women by taking action to end violence and signing the pledge here.

Take action on Affordable Housing

To successfully end homelessness, the Federal government must reinvest in affordable social housing. Tweet at your MP to advocate for social housing using #Housing4All.

Take action on Democratic Reform

Join the Every Voter Counts Alliance supporting call for an implementation of a Proportional Representation of the electoral system. Take the pledge here.

Take action on Parental Benefits

The federal government promised to extend parental leave from 12 months to 18 months, sign this petition to see the implementation of this campaign promise.

Issues for Change

To improve the lives of women and girls:

Gender Budgeting

YWCA Canada calls on the federal government to apply transparent gender analysis in budget development and decisions to ensure women benefit equally in government investments: Building a Canada that Works for All Women.

Prostitution and Sex Work

YWCA Canada supports the safety and freedom from violence and harassment of all women, including women who earn a livelihood from commercial sex work. Our Prostitution, Sex Work and Women’s Safety policy seeks to meet women where they are and to call for better protection for all women.


YWCA Canada’s newly formed Young Women’s Leadership and Engagement Committee is implementing recommendations from the Young Women’s Engagement Task Force report to assess anti-racist, anti-oppressive and inclusive practices within the movement. An intersectional lens is critical to our vision of women and girls empowered in all our layered identities - including but not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, class, education, religion, size – in a safe an equitable society.

Trans Inclusion

YWCA Canada’s Young Women’s Engagement Task Force conducted a survey on Trans inclusion in the movement. Several Member Associations have policies on gender identity to better serve and include Trans and Intersex peoples in all aspects of the organization. YWCA Canada is working toward a national policy to be adopted and implemented by the movement.


YWCA Canada calls for national action to end women’s homelessness that recognizes the link to violence against women, the impact of trauma, and the need to address mental health and addiction issues:


YWCA Canada calls on the federal government to adopt a national housing strategy with emergency, second-stage and permanent housing on the principles of equality and non-discrimination, including self-determined strategies for Aboriginal, First Nation and Inuit women: Life Beyond Shelter Recommendations.

Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

YWCA Canada supports the demand for an immediate national inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women through YWCA Canada’s Rose Campaign.

Pay Equity

YWCA Canada supports the implementation of the recommendations of the 2004 report of the federal Pay Equity Task Force, Pay Equity: A New Approach to a Fundamental Right, Broad Investments: Counting Women in to the Federal Budget.


YWCA Canada supports creation of a national poverty reduction strategy and recommends federal government investments in training and education for women, social infrastructure, affordable housing, and child care services: Broad Investments: Counting Women in to the Federal Budget, YWCA Canada Report on the Status of Women and Girls in Canada.

Violence Against Women

YWCA Canada has called for coordinated policies on violence against women at all three levels of government and across parallel jurisdictions: Life Beyond Shelter: Toward Coordinated Public Policies for Women’s Safety & Violence Prevention. The report’s policy recommendations apply to all levels of government, and include the implementation of women’s advocates in all jurisdictions: Life Beyond Shelter Recommendations.

Women with Disabilities

YWCA Canada, in partnership with the DisAbled Women’s Network of Canada, calls for a coordinated government response to ensure that shelters and services across the country are accessible for women with disabilities: For our disabled sisters, The time is now.