An International Movement

Through our International Cooperation work, YWCA Canada extends our mission to build women’s strength and foster equality beyond our borders. As a member of the World YWCA movement, YWCA Canada is connected to 25 million women in 125 countries and to the worldwide struggle for equity and equality for all women.

YWCA Canada and our Member Associations across Canada work internationally with YWCAs, YMCAs and women’s organizations to support sustainable development, enhance the rights of women and girls and improve their lives economically. We share financial, human and technical resources, and exchange knowledge and information to foster mutual learning and create long-term links within the YWCA movement and externally.

Through the Power to Change Fund of the World YWCA, YWCA Canada supports YWCAs internationally to enhance their organizational capacity. Our Member Associations engage directly with YWCAs and YMCAs around the world. Their bilateral partnerships build stronger organizations and healthier communities, whether contributing a new generator in Harare to supply electricity to young women’s training programs or supporting AIDS education for teenagers in the suburbs of Mexico City. To view all of our current projects, visit our International Cooperation Map.