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Esta guía observa las culturas latina americanas y representa las voces de mujeres latinas

Recuerde - nadie tiene por qué tolerar ser abusada. Todos tenemos el derecho a vivir libre de temor y abuso.

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This guide respects the Latin American cultures and represents the voices of Latina women

Remember – no one should tolerate being abused. We all have the right to live free from fear and violence.

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Salir Adelante


A Resource for Service Providers Working with Latinx Women Experiencing Violence

Salir Adelante is a new guidebook grounded in anti-oppression, cultural safety and trauma-informed practices for service providers working with Latinx women fleeing violence. This toolkit was developed to highlight the need for a common understanding of trauma-informed and anti-oppressive frameworks in relation to women from Latin American countries. Issues related to violence, along with additional factors that impact the decision-making process, including physical and mental well-being, are addressed. 

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Salir Adelante Peer Support Network: Immigration & Violence – Paola Gomez Restrepo  

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Salir Adelante Peer Support Network: Cultural Safety

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For the presentation slides, please click here