Shelter, Housing & Support

YWCA is Canada’s only established national network and largest single provider of shelter services for women and children leaving domestic abuse. As our primary advocacy issue, we have deep roots in the country’s violence against women movement, offering services to approximately 20,000 women every year.

42% of our Member Associations operate shelters for women, for a total of 31 shelters in Canada, making us the largest provider of shelter for women in the country. Across Canada there are over 30 YWCA shelters and over 1,000 beds for women and their children.

We have approximately 30 transitional housing programs, with about 700 housing units available to women. Combined, 31 YWCA Member Associations offer over 160 Turning Point Programs™ that address the needs of women and young women who are vulnerable to economic and social risks at critical times in their lives.

For more information on our YWCA Member Associations offering shelter, housing and support services, see Member Associations Across Canada.