Women of Distinction

Women of Distinction™ is a signature YWCA recognition event. Over 60% of YWCA Member Associations host the Women of Distinction™ awards. For many, it is the most critical fundraising event of the year, supporting an Association’s programming while honouring women from local communities who have achieved excellence and leadership in a variety of areas.

The awards recognize those women who through their own initiative, ability and effort, have made an exemplary achievement in their field, women who are outstanding role models because of their goals and the way they have achieved these goals. Whether recognized as trailblazers in their field, or a young woman on the rise, all are pathfinders, bringing forth the key issues facing Canadian women.

Each Member Association honours women who have made substantial contributions to the social fabric of their communities in unique and individual ways. For more information about this signature event, contact your local Member Association.