Eliminating Discrimination and Hate Crimes

Eliminating Discrimination and Hate Crimes

Discrimination is often "hidden" in the workplace, schools and media. By acknowledging that forms of bigotry - such as sexism, racism and homophobia - exist, individuals and communities can begin to work toward change. In order to abolish racism and discrimination we need to understand the ways that hate and discrimination are supported by our society. We need to recognize and challenge the beliefs, values and assumptions that sustain negative stereotypes. Learning about hate groups and how to report racist and violent incidences to school authorities and law enforcement agencies, empowers people to react to racism and discrimination and to try to stop them.

Suggested Activities

  • Cultural sharing – It’s easy to assume that our belief-systems and knowledge of history are universally valid and true. Yet, beliefs about our world and its history exist from many different points of view. Take it upon yourself to learn what they are. Ask people or organizations involved in anti-racism or cross-cultural education to host an event that supports learning about discrimination and privilege.
  • Video or film screenings - Generate discussion about violence and racism, especially among young people, through viewing movies. Some suggestions include: The Outsiders, Mississippi Burning, A Time to Kill, Schindler's List, Boys Don't Cry, or For Angela. Be sure to preview the movie for content beforehand. The National Film Board also has a variety of documentaries and short films that address these types of issues. They are also available in some public libraries. Contact the NFB at or call (514) 283-9000 or toll-free 1(800) 267-7710.
  • Performances Against Racism - Invite an inspirational speaker, poet, singer or band to teach about racism through their art.
  • Media awareness – host a popular culture club to examine violence in the media.

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