Making our Schools Safer

Young people are interested in learning how to be non-violent. As active change agents in communities, they have lots to contribute. Peer-to-peer organizing and messaging is a key method of engaging young people in creating safe spaces.  It’s important to encourage youth to find safety concerns that they have and work with them to address the issues they are struggling with.

School boards, teachers, principals and parents can all work together to understand and prevent school-based violence.  Thought discriminatory attitudes and behaviours against girls, LGBQT individuals, people of colour, Aboriginal and people with disabilities are still prevalent in many schools classrooms, hallways, playgrounds and locker rooms, youth-led activities can help to create change by playing active role in raising awareness about violence and promoting alternative conflict resolution strategies.

Suggested Activities:

  • Safe Surfing promote Internet safety in your school by organizing a safe social media workshop
  • Art in Action invite a local singer, poet, playwright or artist to help create an anti-violence art exhibition in your community
  • Rally Against Racism partner with an anti-racism or cross-cultural education organization in an event that explores discrimination
  • Healthy Relationship Workshop learn to recognize the early warning signs of violence by organizing a seminar on the myths, facts and FAQs on healthy dating
  • Media  Decoder host a popular culture club to examine violence in the media

Looking for women’s anti-violence resources in Canada to help you plan your event or connect with a community partner?  Check out our extensive list.