Facing Violence Among Men

Men can help stop violence by acting as positive role models. By demonstrating positive and healthy interactions between each other and women, they can teach other men and boys alternatives to relationships that rely on domination and control. Increasing numbers of men are realizing that they need to take responsibility for violence against women. Many are asking for help to change the way they act. There are currently over 2000 programs for men who have assaulted their partners.  Many men's organizations like White Ribbon Campaign support violence prevention education by producing educational materials, facilitating or co-facilitating workshops, and organizing events.

Suggested Activities

  • Dating Relationships and Aggression - Organize a seminar and share myths, facts and other information on dating relationships at a local high school, community college or university.
  • Drum out Violence - Aboriginal, African and Latin cultures use drumming for healing and celebratory purposes. Find out if there is someone in your community who would like to hold a drumming session or workshop.
  • Boys and Men event - Host a sporting event with Fathers and Sons or "Boys in the Hood". Emphasize that, win or lose, boys and men can learn from their mistakes without feeling ashamed, and that praise feels a lot better than put-downs.
  • Connect with an anti-violence organization that focuses on men’s response to violence against women and plan a joint event that supports boys and young women by looking at media images, gaming and music.

Looking for women’s anti-violence resources in Canada to help you plan your event or connect with a community partner?  Check out our extensive list.