In Canada, every 6 days. a woman loses her life to gender-based violence. Survivors of gender-based violence frequently say that not having enough money was one of the primary reasons they stayed in abusive situations. Without help to flee, survivors have few options available to them to protect themselves and their families. For survivors who are staying at emergency shelters lack of financial resources means their ability to start fresh is still at risk. Not having money to pay first and last month’s rent or other expenses means that survivors and their families have to stay longer in shelters. This leads to many shelters not having enough space, forcing them to turn survivors and their children away. 

So we’re taking action. And we need your help.

To meet one of the most frequent and urgent needs voiced by survivors, we are excited to launch Canada’s first National Emergency Survivor Support Fund (the NESS Fund). This initiative will provide women, gender-diverse people and their families with immediate financial support to leave unsafe homes or emergency shelters and begin their healing journeys.

This NESS Fund provides survivors of violence who are currently in violent living situations or current residents of emergency shelters with immediate financial support for essential needs like: housing, utilities; storage fees; furniture; moving expenses and/or travel expenses. In addition to the financial support provided, survivors are offered other supports through their local YWCA, such as counselling, healthcare, childcare, employment and legal help.

The NESS Fund will be available to survivors starting in July 2022. 

Today, we need your help to make sure survivors can find the support they need to build lives free from violence. Please donate.

YWCA Canada gratefully acknowledges the transformational support of The NESS Fund’s founding funding partner, The Slaight Family Foundation.

We also extend our gratitude to Aviva Canada and The Torrid Foundation for their generous support.