COVID-19 has fundamentally changed Canada. 

“There is no question – the COVID-19 pandemic is going to hit women and their families the hardest. During times of crisis, it’s important to bolster support for Canada’s most vulnerable communities.” – Maya Roy, CEO, YWCA Canada

Globally, women, girls and gender-diverse people will be disproportionately impacted by this pandemic, and that will be the case in Canada as well. In times of uncertainty, existing inequality will be amplified. We are already seeing an increased need to address gender-based violence, improve access to economic security and invest in essential services.

If left unchecked, the COVID-19 pandemic will exacerbate gender inequities and make it difficult for women, girls and gender-diverse people to survive, let alone thrive in society. To heal our nation from this current crisis and alleviate existing economic and social ills, we must take a feminist approach to our recovery.

That’s why YWCA Canada is calling for the Government of Canada to implement their 8-point plan.

The eight pillars of the Plan include:

1)      Intersectionality: Understanding Power

2)      Addressing Root Causes of Systemic Racism

3)      Care Work is Essential Work

4)      Investing in Good Jobs

5)      Fighting the Shadow Pandemic

6)      Bolstering Small Businesses

7)      Strengthening Infrastructure for Recovery

8)      Diverse Voices in Decisions

View the full plan at www.feministrecovery.ca


A Feminist Economic Recovery Plan for Canada