Myths and Realities

1. Myth: "The problem is not really violence against 'women.' Women are just as violent as men."
2. Myth: “..once a sexual assault report has been made, the alleged offender will be prosecuted and found guilty...”.
3. Myth: “The Canadian government is already doing enough to combat gender-based violence.”
4. Myth: “Sexual violence is usually perpetrated by a stranger.”
5. Myth: “Training women and girls to defend themselves is the best way to prevent sexual violence.”
6. Myth: “Many women lie about being sexually harassed or assaulted.”
7. Myth: “Gender-based violence is a private matter.”
8. Myth: "Gender-based violence doesn’t happen in Canada."
9. Myth: "Immigrants are bringing gender-based violence and sexism to Canada."
10. Myth: "Canada can’t afford to address gender-based violence."