Pledge your vote for gender equity. Demand the Federal Party Leaders share their stances on the issues that matter the most to you during the upcoming Leaders’ Debates on September 8th and September 9th. 

From wide-scale unemployment to housing precarity to increased unpaid care work to the rise in gender-based violence, the COVID-19 pandemic risks unravelling 30 years of hard-fought gains to gender equity.

What we need urgently is action on Indigenous reconciliation, systemic racism, supporting newcomers, making child care and housing more affordable, supporting women-majority sectors like charities and non-profits, investing in re-skilling, training and employment programs through a gender-responsive lens, and ending gender-based violence and homelessness in Canada, and more.

That’s why this election matters. The choices we make today will influence the trajectory of our country and economy for decades to come. This pandemic will be a critical turning point. On one hand, we have the opportunity to foster a better, more inclusive society that puts gender equity at the core. On the other hand, we risk going back to the status quo that wasn’t working for all of us, especially women, Two-Spirit, and gender diverse people.

The thing about turning points though is that we decide which direction to go.

Change for the better can be swift when those in positions of power have the moral courage to act decisively. Our role as members of the public and civil society is to show what is possible and demand it to be so. It is possible for a society grounded in gender equity that puts the issues that matter the most to us at the heart of what we do.

Join us to highlight what is important. Make those who want to lead us highlight their vision for a future that prioritizes gender equity and the needs of women, Two-Spirit and gender diverse people. 

Now is our moment. Let’s take this time to not only pledge to vote for gender equity but shine a spotlight on why it matters for our country’s future and economy. Join us to send a letter to journalists to ask the Federal Party Leaders their stances on gender equity issues in the upcoming Leaders’ Debates on September 8th, and September 9th.


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