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Synergy: Workforce Development for Vulnerable Women to Succeed

YWCA Canada is pleased to announce the awarded funding by Future Skills Centre to undertake the Project Synergy: Workforce Development for Vulnerable Women to Succeed. This is part of a three-year national participatory research and knowledge mobilization project addressing the unique challenges of labour market access for vulnerable women in Canada. Synergy will pilot, evaluate, and share three promising workforce development practices aimed at building social resilience among vulnerable women.
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YWCA Canada’s public apology regarding list of Black-led organizations

Two days ago, YWCA Canada posted a list of Black-led organizations that support Black-identified communities. YWCA Canada did not properly cite authorship of this list; the list was created and vetted by Black womxn in a private Facebook group, without respectful acknowledgement and citation of their expertise, time, scholarship and labour. It was a private conversation that was made public without consent of the authors. YWCA Canada is deeply sorry about the harm caused by this act.
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Why We Need A Feminist Recovery Plan

Our Director of Public Policy & Strategic Communications, Anjum Sultana, highlights the work we've been doing with our #GenderEquityDuringAPandemic series. All of this work on the gendered impacts of COVID-19 points to what we must do to recover from this crisis. We need a feminist recovery plan - it's the only way to put our society on the pathway to recovery. YWCA is working on a roadmap for Canada which will be released in June. Stay tuned!
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A Young Activist’s Perspective on Peace

"What does peace mean to you?” This is a question I was asked multiple times over the course of the 2020 Peace Summit for Emerging Leaders in Bangkok, Thailand. I had a really clear idea of what peace meant to me when applying to attend, based on my experiences advocating for social justice in both Canada and the Philippines, but I was surprised to see my definition of peace had both expanded and deepened over the course of the summit. 
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Safe Social During Times of COVID-19

In honour of International Telecommunication and Information Day on Sunday, May 17th, Marie-Michelle Chong, a graduate of the Masters of Social Work program at York University, writes about what it means to engage safely on social media during the current pandemic. She offers insights from her study examining the experiences of racialized women in how they participate on social media and the social pressures they have to navigate online.
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The Gendered Impacts of COVID-19 on Young People: Youth Among Those Most Affected by Gender Based Violence Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Catherine Morrison, alumnae of YWCA Canada Young Women’s National Leadership Program and graduate from McGill University in Gender, Sexuality, Feminism, and Social Justice Studies highlights the gendered impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on young people. Catherine shares how we can stop the shadow pandemic during this crisis – gender-based violence.
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