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How to Build a #FeministRecovery Budget in 2021?

If you’ve been following the work of the YWCA movement in Canada over the last 12 months, you’ve seen our fierce focus on a #FeministRecovery to safeguard against the potential rollback of gender equity and human rights.  From British Columbia to Alberta to Northwest Territories to Ontario to Quebec to Nova Scotia and beyond, our YWCA colleagues across the country have been relentless in their desire for a gender-responsive approach to post-pandemic recovery. 
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The picture: By Léonie Butler - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=66731754

YWCA Canada is hosting our first Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon!

How many times have you Googled a badass woman from history who has improved the lives of women in your community, who was a trailblazer, shifted the needle on gender equity and women’s rights only to find… No entries. Well, we are doing something about it. Join us as part of YWCA 150: Look Back, Push Forward as we put those women and gender-diverse folks on the map on the web.
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Coalition of Canada’s 6 largest charities including YWCA Canada calling for Community Services COVID-19 Relief Fund

On Saturday, January 23rd, 2021, a coalition of Canada's largest human and community service federations, including YWCA Canada, participated in a Roundtable with the Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s Minister of Families, Children and Social Development. To address the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure the sustainability of the charitable and non-profit sector, YWCA Canada is calling for a Community Services COVID-19 Relief Fund. They are joining in coalition with YMCA Canada, United Way Centraide Canada, National Association of Friendship Centres, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada.
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Self-Care: What does it look like for you and everyone else?

The need for self-care is more evident than ever, however traditional notions of self-care have been turned upside down with the need to adhere to Public Health safety regulations. In this conversation, Myself, Marine Coeurdassier, Leah Davidson and Gurneet Dhami leaders from the YWCA’s Think Big! Lead Now! Young Women’s National Leadership had a conversation about what self-care looks like to us and how we have had to change it and adapt in order to impellent it into our lives, while still doing our work not just as professionals, but as well in our activism.
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National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence – Community Engagement Initiative

YWCA Canada will be coordinating a consultation process for members of the Minister’s Gender-Based Violence Advisory Council, members of the civil society-led group for the Blueprint on the National Action Plan on Gender-Based Violence and other community-based gender-based violence organizations supporting underrepresented communities. This consultation process will provide an avenue for eligible organizations to provide input on the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence.
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YWCA Canada thanks Aritzia for generous donation of 1000 SuperPuff Jackets

YWCA Canada would like to thank Aritzia for its generous donations of 1000 SuperPuff Jackets.
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