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Month: August 2019

Advance Affordable Housing for All – Take Action Support Our Advocacy Work Today!

From May to June of this year, YWCA Canada rolled out an advocacy campaign to mobilize Canadians across the country to take action and advance affordable housing for all.
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Isabel Perez-Doherty – Moving beyond diversity: Addressing systemic racism in hiring and pushing for inclusive workplaces

YWCA Canada’s Manager of Philanthropy and Strategic Impact, Isabel Perez - Doherty was recently interviewed on the This is the NOT the Mandy Johnson Show podcast where she spoke to her experiences working in the non-profit sector as a racialized newcomer woman. Isabel highlights the systemic barriers in the recruitment processes in the Global North that lead to under-employment for newcomers and which prevent them from reaching their full potential. 
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Tara Kleinsteuber – Reconciliation: See Me; Hear Me; Understand Me

YWCA Cambridge employee Tara Kleinsteuber exploring Truth and Reconciliation and her own story of moving through the world as an Indigenous person.
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