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Month: March 2020

COVID-19 threatens to devastate Canada’s charities, women and families

“There is no question – the COVID-19 pandemic is going to hit women and their families the hardest. From shelters to counselling to food delivery programs, charities and non-profits continue to run essential services. We need significant investments to keep our doors open and make sure no one is left behind.” – Maya Roy, CEO of YWCA Canada
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YWCA Canada supports investment of $50 million in COVID-19 relief to ensure essential services keep doors open

YWCA Canada was pleased to hear in the Government of Canada’s announcement dedicated funding for women’s shelters to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In times of uncertainty and economic hardship, the risk for gender-based violence escalates.
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Born to be Bold Travel Diaries: YWCA NWT

YWCA Canada's Research Officer, Shiva Mazrouei, is doing research across the country on women's economic empowerment. Learn more about her experience in Yellowknife with YWCA NWT.
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#BelieveSurvivors – Weinstein gets 23 years

The Weinstein case verdict is a watershed moment for gender justice activists. Yet it still raises troubling questions for feminists. Read our CEO Maya Roy's take on the Weinstein sentencing today.
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CEO Maya Roy discusses key issues with Minister Ahmed Hussen – child care, housing and income security

Last week, our CEO Maya Roy met with the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, the Honourable Ahmed Hussen. 
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Beyond February: The necessity of continuing the spirit of BHM

"This past month, I surrounded myself with Black people and our stories, often over food and with music. And no matter when you are reading this, this statement holds true: fighting for Black justice should not be limited to a calendar month. The end of Black History Month means that non-Black folks may use it as an excuse to stop doing the work. And while the need for Black History Month certainly never goes away, it’s simply too easy to forget by the time March rolls around."
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