YWCA Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Karen Gilmore, Chair
Jessica Franklin,  Vice- Chair
Marie-José Ouellet, Vice- Chair
Sarah Corman, Secretary
Yulena Wan, Treasurer

Board Members

Peggy Chen, Richmond, BC
Sarah Corman, Toronto, ON
Sonja Foley, Vancouver, BC
Jessica Franklin, Toronto, ON
Karen Gilmore,  Vancouver, BC
Jessica Joss, Lethbridge, AB
Beth Lyons, Fredericton, NB
Sereena King, Saskatoon, SK
Yasothini (Yaso) Mathu, Brandon, MB
Susan Kennard, Banff, AB
Kate Nelischer, Toronto, ON
Marie-José Ouellet, Québec City, QC
Brittany Tibbo, Ottawa, ON
Kim van der Woerd, Vancouver, BC
Yulena Wan, Ancaster, ON

Meet our board

National office staff

Maya Roy
Chief Executive Officer

Maya is a diversity specialist with 20 years of experience in a variety of sectors in public policy development, public health, adult education and social work.

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Raine Liliefeldt
Director, Member Services & Development

Raine Liliefeldt is a communications professional and relationship builder with over 16 years in the nonprofit sector built on a solid background of event planning and sales in the corporate sector.

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Lisa Blackburn
Director, Finance

Lisa Blackburn is a senior finance professional with diverse experience, including with not-for-profit organizations, public companies and a regulatory organization.

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Andrea Dannecker
Project Manager, Executive Office

Andrea Dannecker is the Project Manager, Executive Office. She coordinates the Executive Office and supports the Board of Directors, Board committees as well as membership committees and is part of the organizing committee of the Annual Membership Meeting.

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Sydney Piggott
Manager, Projects and Programs

Sydney Piggott (she/her) is a dynamic, results-oriented program manager and researcher with professional experience in international development, corporate social responsibility, youth empowerment, and gender advocacy.

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Anjum Sultana
Manager of Policy, Advocacy and Strategic Communications

Anjum Sultana has nearly ten years of experience working in the fields of community development, strategic communications and advocacy to facilitate social action and systemic change. Through her experience in applied research, social policy analysis and knowledge translation, she has worked on initiatives to achieve social and economic justice for diverse equity-seeking groups. Her work to date has focused on improving equitable outcomes for women, newcomers, immigrants, refugees and racialized communities.

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Isabel Pérez-Doherty
Manager, Philanthropy and Strategic Impact

Isabel Pérez-Doherty is a multilingual development strategist with over 15 years experience in data-driven fundraising and supporter engagement.

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Priscila Kallfelz
Senior Projects and Communications Coordinator

Priscila Kallfelz is a corporate communications and event planning professional with over 15 years of experience in both internal and external communications, from research and analysis to planning and implementing strategies in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

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Tamara Akopcan
Administration and Finance Coordinator

Tamara Akopcan supports the Finance and Fundraising departments. Before joining the YWCA, she worked with Tourism Québec/Destination Québec, as Director of Media Relations and office manager for six years.

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Erika Yoshida
Fundraising Administrator

Erika Yoshida has been working in the women’s services sector for over two years, during this time she worked in shelters for women fleeing violence and Newcomer Women’s Services Toronto.

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