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Clapback Cards for a Valentine’s Day Without Online Hate

Published on 09/02/2024 by YWCA Canada

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This 💖 Valentine’s Day💖, YWCA Canada is releasing a compilation of Clapback Cards to turn the tide on online hate. Because this should be a season of love and not of hate, we want to empower you to set intentions, check the vibes, speak back to trolls and stand up to online hate.  

We’re encouraging you to clapback against online hate with kindness! Use these cards to inspire reflection and spread positivity. Select the card that resonates with you and send it with confidence.  


Taking Action on Gendered Online Hate 


We know that online hate disproportionately impacts young women and gender diverse youth. In Canada in 2022, 83% of women and gender diverse people between 16 and 30 reported having witnessed online hate speech in the last 24 months. We also know that people who identify as Black, Indigenous, 2SLGBTQI+ and living with disabilities are much more likely to be targeted online.  

That’s why YWCA Canada is taking action to end gendered online hate. Grounded in the lived experiences and recommendations of youth survivors of online hate and technology-facilitated violence, we are advocating to make online spaces safer, working with communities to build resilience against online hate, and creating concrete tools for action.  

Read the report here: #BlockHate: Centering Survivors and Taking Action on Gendered Online Hate in Canada – National Report 

Read the results of the polling data here: Gender & Online Hate in Canada: A national survey of online hate speech as experienced by women and gender-diverse people aged 16-30. 


Join the Movement to Create Safer Online Spaces 


This Valentine’s Day, let’s unite with strength and love to transform the digital landscape and spread compassion and understanding. Using our Clapback Cards to stand up against online hate means being a part of a community that promotes a culture of love and safety. Share them with your friends, family and online communities to create safer spaces across all social media. 

Join the movement against online hate and download our Valentine’s Day Clapback Cards—share, like, and send. Together, we can make a difference. 

Stay tuned for more tools from YWCA Canada as we continue our work against gendered online hate. 

➡️ Download the clapback cards here ⬅️

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