Incorporated in 1893, YWCA Canada is a charitable, voluntary organization, which serves as the national coordinating body for the YWCA movement in Canada.

 We are a federated organization. Our members are YWCA Associations -membership based organizations that operate as independent entities.

All YWCA Member Associations are autonomous and governed by a local Board of Directors.

YWCA Canada is governed by policies set by our Member Associations and are administered by a Board of Directors elected by Member Associations.

YWCA Member Associations work together to offer core services and are accountable to each other as peers.

Through membership committees, there is collaboration between YWCA staff and volunteer leaders to provide support in executive search and orientation, member association services, program collaboration, capacity building, training and standards assessment, leadership network support and critical issues management.

World YWCA

YWCA Canada is a member association of the World YWCA, a global movement working for women’s empowerment, leadership and rights in more than 120 countries and 20, 000 local communities.