For 150 years, YWCA Canada has been at the forefront of a movement: to fight gender-based violence, build affordable housing and advocate for workplace equity. 

Your legacy gift today will ensure that we move forward to continue responding to the urgent needs of women and their families in 300 communities across Canada, through national advocacy and community action.

An equitable Canada, your legacy!

Your legacy gifts today will reach women and gender diverse people to live a safe and fulfilled life now and in the years to come. 


After your family and loved ones are taken care of, and if you can, please consider leaving a legacy gift to YWCA Canada in any of the following ways:


Your legacy will ensure that YWCAs will advocate nationally and support local community action for a more just world!


Our Registered Charity details:


  • Registered Name: YWCA Canada
  • Canada Registration Number: 88878 9393 RR0001
  • Address: 104 Edward St., 1st Floor, Toronto ON, Canada M5G 0A7
  • Tel: 437-213-4479 

Planned giving options

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Planned gifts 


Planned gifts benefit you and YWCA Canada. The advantages to you are many: tax benefits, recognition, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to continue a legacy of 150 years. 


Planned gifts are important to YWCA Canada as they provide a reliable, steady flow of income that allows us to make multi-year plans and investment in projects that will support the women reaching out to our network of YWCAs across the country.



There are several ways to make contributions through your will.


You can instruct your lawyer to include “YWCA CANADA” (our legal name) in your will. Or call our team at 416-962- 8881 to help you explore a transformational gift for Women across Canada.


These are two examples of wording. For a residual bequest:

“I give to YWCA Canada currently of 104 Edward St., 1st Floor, Toronto ON, Canada, M5G 0A7 all (or _______ %) of the residue of my estate, to be used at the discretion of the organization.”


For a specific bequest (a specified dollar amount):

“I give to YWCA Canada currently of 104 Edward St., 1st Floor, Toronto ON, Canada, M5G 0A7, the sum of $ _______ to be used at the discretion of the organization.”




YWCA Canada has partnered with Willful Canada’s most reliable online Will creation service provider. Through this link, you can access a special discount for their Will services, and also YWCA Canada will receive a 20% value of your transaction as a donation from Willful.


If you decide to include YWCA Canada in your will, please let us know. We would like to thank you for that extraordinary gift as well as to include you in the LEGACY Makers updates to keep you informed of our progress. You can reach our Philanthropy team at



Its flexibility makes it possible for virtually everyone to make a meaningful gift. You could:


  • Give a Percentage of your Life insurance policy to ‘YWCA Canada’


  • Give a Paid-Up Policy: Most people own life insurance, and many have policies that have outlived their original purpose. For instance, policies for a college education, those insuring a business, or those protecting a mortgage, can make excellent gifts when given to a charitable organization. And the donor can deduct the replacement value of the policy.


  • Buy a New Policy: Some people find they can make a much larger gift than they could otherwise afford by purchasing a life insurance policy and naming YWCA Canada as owner and beneficiary. The future premiums paid are deductible as cash contributions.


  • Buy Insurance to Replace a Bequest: Some people find they can make a current gift of assets they had planned to bequeath in their wills. They receive the income-tax benefits now and replace the assets by buying a life insurance policy for that amount. They enjoy the satisfaction of giving now and receiving the tax deduction now when they need it most. The beneficiaries will still receive the same amount.


  • Add a Beneficiary: Regardless of financial circumstances, almost anyone can name YWCA Canada as a secondary or final beneficiary of a new or existing policy. This simply means that if the first beneficiary(ies) predeceases you, our organization becomes the beneficiary. Because the gift is not definite, there are no income tax benefits; but, if any funds do finally go to YWCA Canada, they will be deductible from taxes.



There are two simple ways to donate securities to YWCA Canada:


1.Online using trusted Canada Helps security donation feature. In this case, CanadaHelps will issue tax receipts. Go to our CanadaHelps Donate Securities Page.

2.Another way is to have your stock electronically transferred from your brokerage account to YWCA Canada’s brokerage account. Please follow this instruction, fill in the form” Donation of Securities In-kind”, send it to your broker and email a copy to YWCA Canada.

  • In both cases, you will receive a receipt for income tax purposes for the full appreciated value of your donation of publicly traded stock or securities—similar to when you donate cash gifts.


  • You will not be subject to any capital gains tax, making donating securities the most tax-effective way to make your donation.


  • Your receipt for income tax purposes will be in the amount of the closing trading price on the day YWCA Canada receives the delivery of the shares. (YWCA Canada’s policy is to sell all securities donated as soon as we receive them.)


  • You can claim charitable donations for up to 75 percent of your net income, and there is a five-year carry forward on any unused donation amount.



Donating unused or excess assets in an RRSP, RRIF or TFSA to YWCA Canada can enable you to realize an immediate impact without triggering the tax, as long as the donation is carefully planned.


Please connect with your financial advisor to explore how your financial assets can unlock a legacy of care and support for women today and in the future!




Please consider making a gift of real state. YWCA is the largest housing provider for women in Canada and the second largest provider of childcare for families in the country, YWCA Canada will ensure these assets serve our communities and women in their journey to stability and safety.


The needs of communities across Canada for safe and emergency housing centres to access food security and affordable childcare are higher than ever before.


Together we can explore the legacy you would like to help YWCA Canada build through your gifts of real estate and property.