Here's What We Know

Achieving gender equity requires an approach that is multi-faceted, far-reaching and long term. YWCAs provide wraparound care, ensuring complex and diverse needs are met. With 29 YWCAs across Canada, we are collectively accelerating towards gender equity, combing community action with national advocacy.

YWCA programs and services need to grow and scale to meet increasing and complex demands of women, girls and gender diverse people.

Your donation will both resource our national work and contribute to the capacity of local program delivery across the YWCA federation.

Our Impact

330,000 women, girls and gender diverse people supported annually.

1,200 sheltered every night, operating 2,283 housing units and 35 standalone shelter.

29 YWCA local sites serving rural, remote, urban and Indigenous communities.

We are Canada’s largest provider of gender-based violence shelters. 

We are Canada’s second-largest provider of childcare.  

We are Canada’s largest provider of employment and counselling programs for women. 

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While there is much to do to advance gender equity, philanthropic funders can accelerate the feminist movement by providing core, flexible and multi-year support directly to feminist institutions, like YWCA Canada.

Your donations can accelerate the Feminist Movement across Canada!

Research shows that building and resourcing resilient, autonomous feminist institutions has proven to be the most effective lever for gender advances, globally.

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