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#DIYFeminism – Feminist Postcards

Published on 01/02/2020 by Maya Roy
Grassroots social change is about small groups of committed people getting things done. How do you want to fight for gender equity in 2020?
Our CEO Maya Roy believes advocacy for a feminist future starts at home. Next time you have your friends over – try this #DIYFeminism activity!
Next time you have your friends over – try this:
  1. Buy 10 postcards and stamps
  2. Ask your friends: What is your feminist resolution for 2020? What is one thing you can fight for in 2020?
  3. Have them write, draw, and use stickers to highlight their resolution to themselves
  4. Ask them to fill out their home address on the postcard
  5. Put the postcards in the mail a week later to remind them of their commitment
Try it out and let us know what kinds of conversations happened!
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