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Our Intertwined Stories

Published on 21/09/2023 by Mahé Rabesa

The Leadership Summit was an experience that I could relive several times without getting tired of it. I met people from various backgrounds, enriched by conversations nourished from several aspects and points of view. I have met people from across Canada who are all passionate about something that I find fascinating. Whether it was the arts, science, math, law, or social work, we all had our superpower.  

In the perfect landscape of Bayview Wildwood Resort, between the forest and the lake, the calm and the tumult of conversations, I was able to create strong friendships. The conference gave us the keys to become leaders in our communities, but also made us laugh and cry from the sincerity and authenticity of the speakers. I really liked the sharing of stories from the speakers, but also those of the participants. Each more unique than the next, our intertwined stories gave me a lot of strength and hope because I no longer felt alone. I continue to share these stories today so that they can help other people. 

In addition, I appreciated the opening of the event and the diversity of activities. Everyone could find happiness there. It’s amazing to say that three days can change a lifetime. I now have relations across Canada and friends who come to visit me in Montreal. This experience inspired and reassured me. I know I’m on the right path – a path that is not straight, but with detours and changes of direction, and it’s the right one for me. I want to help people share their stories; I want to reconnect humans among themselves. 

I learned a lot in these few days. I learned that you really need to be passionate about what you do in life and feel connected to your work. I learned that a leader helps their community to become better and I discovered the beauty of impacting people’s lives. I am now on a mission to support people in discovering their passion and their superpower. 


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