Gender Based Violence

Violence against women and girls is the world’s largest human rights violation and is pervasive in our society. Each year, violence and abuse drive over 75,000 women and children from their homes and into shelters across the country. For every 1000 sexual assaults that take place in Canada, only three perpetrators are convicted. (Limits of a Criminal Justice Response: Trends in Police and Court Processing of Sexual Assault.)

Our Actions and Campaigns

Week Without Violence takes place in the third week of October; it is a week-long series of community events promoting diverse approaches to creating a violence-free world.

#NOTokay is an online campaign to call out every day acts of violence.

The Rose Campaign brings awareness to ending violence against women and girls; it takes place from November 25th to December 6th.


Research and Resources

Rights. Reports. Supports. A guide on sexual image based abuse

The Is Our Relationship Healthy? brochure is a resource produced in consultation with girls and young women across the country, with content and language are reflective of how youth are seeing and experiencing dating and relationships today.

Project Shift: YWCA Canada conducted a needs assessment applying a gender based analysis to the issue of cyberviolence.

Prostitution, Sex Work and Women’s Safety Policy commits to meeting women where they are in their lives without judgment, and ensuring that all women – including sex workers and prostitutes – have full protection of the law and justice systems.

Empezar de Nuevo and Salir Adelante are resources for Latinx (“x” replaces the traditional “a” to disrupt the gender binary) women fleeing violence and for service providers.