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Feminist Resolutions 2020

Published on 29/01/2020 by Jen Gammad Lockerby

Ah, New Year resolutions… the annual reminder to eat more vegetables, of all those places I haven’t been, and of those career moves I feel like I have to make or else I won’t be ‘successful’. This year I’m trying something different – it’s a little more intentional, a little more inward facing, and a lot more about my growth as a person and a community member. 

Without further ado, here are my 2020 feminist resolutions: 

1. I will continue to do community care. – The most important lesson I’ve learned in my activism is that my communities sustain me and vice versa. Community care can look like going to rallies, letting a friend vent to you, donating to urgent calls for funding… in other words, showing up for people. And not only when it’s convenient or easy for you. 

Is community care tiring or draining in some ways? Sure, it can be. But I’m more than ok with giving more than I take where possible. I sleep soundly knowing that when I need care in the future, others will be there for me. 

2. I will leverage my privileges for others’ benefit. –There are areas where I’m more privileged than others simply by virtue of my life circumstances or identities. This year, I’m asking myself: what resources do I have access to that others don’t? Knowledge? Networks? Safety? How can I facilitate others’ access to these resources? And do so meaningfully? 

And yes – this might involve giving up my seat at the table, access to resources, or position of power so another person can benefit. It doesn’t mean I don’t deserve opportunities or nice things – it just means I can recognize when I have more than I need. 

3. I will ‘waste’ more time in 2020. – This year I’m doing more things that aren’t ‘productive’ according to capitalism, and I refuse to feel bad about it. Creative activities, inner reflection, movement that feels good to you, time with friends and family – these things are as important as my career, if not more so. Not everything I do needs to have monetary value.

Repeat after me: I am worth so much more than my productivity.

What are your 2020 Feminist Resolutions?


Jen Gammad Lockerby is YWCA Canada’s Policy & Communications Coordinator. 

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