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Gender Equity During a Pandemic – An Online Townhall

Published on 01/04/2020 by YWCA Canada

You might have heard that COVID-19 doesn’t care about your race, gender, income, or citizenship. But we know that’s not true.

Who is impacted most during a public health emergency? Who is left out by government policy responses? Who can access the services and supports they need, and who is excluded? Who can stay home and who can’t?

Join us on April 1 at 5:30PM EST for a special online townhall on gender (in)equity during COVID-19.

We’ll be talking about:
– The gendered impacts of COVID (what we’re seeing on the ground)
– Federal policy responses so far and YWCA’s advocacy

We invite you to share:
– How the pandemic has impacted you and your communities
– What you need for support during and after COVID-19
– Tools, resources & how to take action

Check out the slides and notes from our townhall.

To learn more about the gendered impacts of COVID-19, check out this document summarizing Key Facts on the Gendered Impacts of COVID-19.

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