Not On Our Screens | Not In Our Streets: A Movement Towards Violence-Free Communities


During the third week of October, YWCAs observe the Week Without Violence to envision and advocate for a violence-free world. This year, join us in collaboration with World YWCA and YWCA USA in creating a movement to end gender-based violence in every space where it occurs. We know that there is a deep connection between online and offline hate speech and violence against women, girls and gender diverse people in all their diversity. We all have the right to be our truest selves, to explore and express ourselves safely and free from violence, whether in digital spaces or in our neighbourhoods. Together, we are standing in solidarity with survivors of technology-facilitated and gender-based violence and taking action to end violence on our screens and on our streets!

Click here to view the WWV 2023 Toolkit. Materials are available in French and English. 

For any questions, please reach out to Natasha Stephens at nstephens@ywcacanada.ca.