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Synergy: Workforce Development for Vulnerable Women to Succeed is part of a national research project addressing the unique challenges of labour-market access for underserved women and gender-diverse people in Canada. YWCA Canada developed and tested workforce-development practices aimed at building social resilience among women and gender-diverse people experiencing multiple barriers to employment. Promising practices were pilot-tested in 10 YWCAs across Canada, with a sample of 1,000 direct-service users. 

Through this project, we sought to:

  • Improve services for women and gender-diverse people across the country;
  • Convene three national employment roundtables comprised of public, private, and civil stakeholders to explore strategies for implementing promising practices;
  • Develop online training modules and resources focused on each promising practice, geared to both employment-service providers and employers; and
  • Incorporate key learnings into YWCA program standards and practices.

Speaker Series – Working towards equitable futures in employment

This cross-sector conversation brings together industry leaders and social-impact organizations to discuss bold next steps towards gender equity in the workplace. This three-part online series provides human-resource professionals, managers, and organizational leaders with critical tools and insights to help them create more equitable workplaces.

The expansion of micro-credentialling opportunities is having “macro” impact on the Canadian workforce. Progressive learning pathways like these are a powerful workforce-development tool for both employers and employees alike. 

A micro-credential is defined as proof of learning outcomes obtained by a learner through a shorter learning experience.

Panellists and participants discuss how fast and flexible micro-credentialling and micro-learning can bridge the gap between the needs of jobseekers and employers, and build skills fluency. 

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Flexible work has emerged as an important tool to boost worker satisfaction and business productivity. Alternative work arrangements can empower employees to decide how they work best, and ensure that work environments support diverse needs and identities.

Panellists and participants discuss how organizations can design and implement flexible practices that enable equity and reduce bias.

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Inclusive workplace cultures, policies, and benefits can cultivate employees’ feelings of belonging and trust, and drive and sustain lasting change.  

Panellists and participants discuss how employers can actively demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion, while also strengthening their equity strategies.

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What’s New

New training series on employment equity   


The way we work has changed. Employers need to work creatively and intentionally to make sure they are building work environments where all employees can thrive. 

In this three module training series, we will unpack:

  • the nuances, opportunities and challenges of navigating hybrid work and performance management. 
  • strategies for identifying and addressing subtle acts of exclusion. Knowing how to have these conversations in an open and honest manner will assist individuals and organizations in creating spaces where employees have a sense of belonging and mutual respect.
  • what it means for an organization to be trauma-informed, and how workplaces can create conditions that foster safety, trust, and compassion, resulting in diverse, respectful and productive teams

The information presented in these training modules is based on the YWCA Canada Movement’s on-the-ground experiences, and it reflects the needs, expertise, and wisdom of the women and gender-diverse people served by YWCAs across Canada.

We welcome employers, people managers and business leaders to this powerful movement to create more equitable and safer work environments for women and gender-diverse people.

This series is presented through funding from the Government of Canada’s Department of Women and Gender Equality and the Future Skills Centre.

Visit ywcanada.ca/moveforward to access the online training modules.




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For more information about the programs, please contact Jessica Perrin at jperrin@ywcacanada.ca

Synergy is funded by the Future Skills Centre.